Variable Speed Pumps in Contra Costa County , Concord and Walnut Creek

Many homeowners in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas have a swimming pool in their backyard. It’s easy to see why. Pools are aesthetically pleasing, they offer relief from the summer heat, and swimming is a great form of exercise. But unfortunately, as you may already know, swimming pools can be expensive to maintain. Between cosmetic repairs, energy bills, and chemical and cleaning costs, you may be wondering if having a pool is worth it.

Variable Speed Pumps

Thanks to the Variable Speed Pump the days of high swimming pool costs are finally over and done with

When properly programmed, a variable speed pump can be up to 90% more efficient than a single speed pump. That’s hundreds of dollars a season back in your pocket! How, you may wonder, is that even possible? The answer is simple: unlike a single speed pump, a variable speed pump will only work as hard as it needs to. What you may not realize is that your pool is different from every other pool and therefore has different needs. A variable speed pump motor is designed to address this problem.

A forward-thinking approach

Many forward-thinking pool owners in the Contra Costa County area are making the switch from a standard single speed pump to a high quality variable pool pump. If you are in the Contra Costa County area and thinking about making the transition too or would like additional information regarding the many cost and energy saving benefits that come with installing a variable speed pump, please do not hesitate to give one of the certified service technicians at Eco Solar a call.

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