Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Eco Solar installs variable speed pumps exclusively. The first variable speed pump we installed in 2007 was the Ikeric pump and it is still running properly in February 2016..We are certified on most major VS pump types, but find the Pentair Intelliflo and Intelliflo XF pumps to be our favorites.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

This pump efficiency chart shows the difference between a standard induction single speed pool pump and the Intelliflo variable speed pump. The Intelliflo maintains about 90% efficiency throughout the motors load spectrum. There are hundreds of speed set choices that can be input in its easy set up menu so you can maximize its efficiency for each function in your pool, spa or solar heater. I can program the Intelliflo pumps in less than 2 minutes, setting time, schedules, 4 speeds, low and high speed limits and a few other inputs.

A single speed pool pump has a maximum motor efficiency of only 65% at one spot of its performance curve, and it rarely operates at that best load. Why? Because its only operating speed is full blast at 3,450 rpms.

And look at what happens to a 2 speed standard induction motor goes to low speed. It does so by lowering the voltage to the motor. When the voltage lowers, the amperage goes up and chokes the motor efficiency dramatically. In this example, a 2 speed motor can only achieve 20% efficiency, or 80 percent waste.

A free home energy survey of your pool system will take less than fifteen minutes. With your electricity bill and our true RMS power meters, we can calculate what your pool system has been doing to your bill, and how much high efficiency filtration will lower the bill. Call today for short, informative visit that will lead to a win win situation for everyone involved.

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A Free Home Energy Survey Of Your Pool System Will Take Less Than Fifteen Minutes.