Doug, I just wanted to let you know how things have been going since you replaced our pool motor and retrofitted the plumbing. The results that we have been experiencing have been fabulous. The pool has been clean and easy to maintain, the new motor is extremely quiet, and the energy savings have been outstanding. We have not yet optimized the Pentair multi-speed motor, but our results have still been excellent. Generally, we turn over the pool water once in 9 hours, instead of the 24 hour optimized¬Ě turn in the Pentair marketing materials. With this faster motor speed, we have averaged a savings over the first full three months of use of approximately 1,000 kwh per month on a year over year basis. I believe that the vast majority of these savings can be attributed to the new motor and more efficient plumbing. At California's high energy prices, and considering these are savings at the margin, this translates into roughly $275 - $300 per month. It's not often that you get to be green and have your investment pay for itself so quickly. Thanks for the smart solution to this expensive and poorly understood problem.

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