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I just wanted to drop you a short note – I’m so pleased with the new solar heat system for the pool.  With *no extra pump running* I’m getting a pool that has been toasty warm since we installed the new panels.  My wife likes the pool at 88 degrees (warm, I know) and we’ve used zero natural gas to keep it there.  I really appreciate you and your guys working with me to install the system – I feel like I got an education as well as a big break on my electric bill.  The old “booster pump” we took out (for the old system) ran for hours at 1000 Watts – I’m glad to rid of that!  And, I know it’s a little thing, but the flow-meter you installed showing me how many gallons-per-minute the pump is moving allows me to better understand the whole system.

I can’t say enough about the good work you and your team did – I feel like I got a solution that perfectly matched my situation – thanks again.

Michael T ColemanAccenture – Managing Director
Communications, Media & Technology

We are very pleased with the solar heating system installed by Eco Solar. Doug provided a complete estimate of the work involved and costs and the job was done in time to enjoy swimming all summer  well into September (I can't remember the last time we used the pool after Labor Day!). Doug and his associates were courteous and helpful. Doug even gave us some information about ways we can make further updates to our pool system in the future to save both money and energy. We are looking forward to many more warmer and longer swimming seasons.

KGLafayette, CA


I just wanted to let you know how things have been going since you replaced our pool motor and retrofitted the plumbing. The results that we have been experiencing have been fabulous. The pool has been clean and easy to maintain, the new motor is extremely quiet, and the energy savings have been outstanding. We have not yet optimized the Pentair multi-speed motor, but our results have still been excellent. Generally, we turn over the pool water once in 9 hours, instead of the 24 hour optimized turn in the Pentair marketing materials. With this faster motor speed, we have averaged a savings over the first full three months of use of approximately 1,000 kwh per month on a year over year basis. I believe that the vast majority of these savings can be attributed to the new motor and more efficient plumbing. At California's high energy prices, and considering these are savings at the margin, this translates into roughly $275 - $300 per month. It's not often that you get to be green and have your investment pay for itself so quickly.

Thanks for the smart solution to this expensive and poorly understood problem.

Keith Wilson

Doug Rotermund, owner of Eco Solar, is one of the most dedicated professionals you will meet. My background is in aerospace and high tech systems, with lots of field experience. Whether I was designing satellite systems or flying flight test for the Apollo moon program, I value people with the theoretical knowledge to come up with the best solution and the hands-on experience to properly implement that solution. Doug is well grounded in all aspects of fluid dynamics, thermal theory and pool system designs. The solar heating, pump and filtration system Doug designed and installed for me has exceeded all expectations, especially in the areas of cost savings and thermal performance. Recently, I overheard the two owners of a local solar voltaic company comment on the system Doug installed on my house. They summed up my opinion when I heard one say to the other, "... whoever did [his] system really knew what they were doing... it's beautiful..." I agree!

Jim D.Pleasanton, CA

Doug at Eco Solar installed a variable speed pool pump for us and we were very pleased with his work and price. He took the time to meet with us, explain our future energy savings, and show us what his installations look like. He gave us plenty of information, and was quick to answer all of our questions. Doug is honest, has high integrity, and works hard to get the job done right. We highly recommend Eco Solar and would definitely use them again.

Jennifer and JoshPleasant Hill, CA

As you know I was very particular about the layout of my roof for the PV and the pool solar. I had always planned to have an aerial flyover and high resolution pictures taken of the roof. I have attached one of the photos. Thought you might like to see how it looks.

Thanks for the nice job on my roof,
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