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We Californians love our pools. That is why we have over 1,500,000 of them in the state. Energy required just to filter these pools is equal to 1.5 times the energy produced by Hoover Dam at full power. By installing a variable speed pump, you can do your part to alleviate this tremendous energy waste.

But one thing that makes pools troublesome is the charges you receive on your energy bill. Your typical Californian pool can use enough energy in the summer season to power an entire house for three months! The main culprit of this energy feasting is the pump of your pool.
If you own a pool then having an IntelliFlo variable speed pump is one of the most important investments you can make.
Eco Solar will come to your home and perform a free, no obligation 15 minute survey to calculate exactly how much money you will save by installing an IntelliFlo variable speed pool pump.
If you live in or around Concord then call Eco Solar today to make your pool more efficient than you ever thought possible.

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