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36 years experience

About Eco Solar

Eco Solar is a veteran owned business. Its mission is to design and install solar pool heating and swimming pool filtration systems that use substantially less electricity than systems installed by any of its competitors.
When you choose Eco Solar to heat your pool with solar energy, you will be heating and filtering your swimming pool for about 1/3 the energy that your microwave oven uses. That’s correct, less than 400 watts per hour for everything. No other solar or pool company is anywhere close to designing systems with this amazing energy efficiency.

Do you need a Heated Pool?

This is Eco Solar's specialty. Contact Us for all your solar pump needs.
High-Efficiency Systems

Solar Pool Heating Advantage

Energy Efficiency

Save energy- By using the natural energy you can avoid rising energy costs.

Quiet Operations

Solar heaters are the quietest heaters . That means no loud hum as you relax in the water.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Eco Solar installs variable speed pumps exclusively. The first variable speed pump…

Solar Pool Heating

All solar panels are not alike. Some cause high backpressure which raises the electricity the...

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