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Gull Poly Pro panels

100's of 'breather slits' are uniformly dispersed throughout the panel body allowing evaporation of water from underneath the panels as well as substantially lowering the potential wind lift during high winds.

Hydraulic Efficiency

Sometimes another suction or return line to the pool is a necessary step to achieve hydraulic efficiency

Dual variable speed pump commercial pool filtration system

Commercial system with 2 Ikeric variable speed pumps, TR-140C filters with custom low pressure drop filter / backwash manifold and 4' return.

Solar pool heating system

Solar pool heating system equipment room with titanium heat exchanger, solar pump, expansion tank with valves and gauges for year round heating. Pool is heated by (26) 4' x 10' glazed copper panels with insulated aluminum housings.

Intelliflo VS pump with hydraulics upgrade

This Intelliflo VS pump replaced (2), 2 hp pumps for pool filtration and waterfall. Both old pumps running consumed 4,200 watts per hour. The Intelliflo does both jobs for about 500 watts. Hydraulics upgrade included new 3 port valves, 3' suction pipe and 2.5' pipe up to return manifold

Custom Pool/Spa low friction filtration system

Solar system has 450 feet of 2.5” pvc feed and return piping, a Jandy CS 250 filter which has a lower pressure drop than every large 4 cartridge filter in the marketplace and a Jandy LXI low friction heater. The pool, spa and solar system are powered by an Intelliflo variable speed pump. No solar boost pump is required.

Gull Poly Pro panels

Gull Poly Pros are manufactured by Aquatherm Industries in New Jersey, USA. Since 1976 Aquatherm has increased its market share. Today, Aquatherm is North America's largest solar pool panel manufacturer

Pool Pump

Adjustable photovoltaic array for 1 horsepower dc pool pump

Gull Poly Pros

Custom 4' x 16' Poly Pros with 2.5” solar loop piping feeding panels on 2 roofs

Solar feed pipe

Solar feed pipe under eaves instead of across roof

UMA Sunstar panels

UMA Sunstar panels

Gull Poly Pro

16 Gull Poly Pro panel system (704 square feet) with QuickMount PV bronze pool mounts. System feed and return in 2.5” pvc feeding (5), 2” individual banks. 450 feet of pipe total. System flow rate at 70 gpm supplied by an Intelliflo pump at 2800 rpm and about 1400 watts power.

Solar Feed

By combining the original (2) 2” pvc pipes that used to feed and return solar water on these systems into a double pipe feed, and then installing a new return pipe in 2.5” pvc we can easily lower the friction of water in the solar loop by 320% or more. That is a huge load taken off of the pump that can save upwards of $300 in electricity just during the swim season alone even if you already have a variable speed pump. If you are currently using a separate solar boost pump for your solar heating loop, the same process can eliminate the need for the boost pump and save over $300 yearly as well.