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About Eco Solar

All solar panels are not alike. Some cause high backpressure which raises the electricity the pump uses to push pool water through the tubes. Unfortunately, one of the most installed solar pool panels in the market place, Fafco, takes the most pump energy to push water through. It's a good panel, but look at this. Even though the panel has 206 active water channels in each collector, they are fed by a sub plenum chamber that only has 14 holes. Trying to push the pool water through those 14 holes causes high pressure, compared to panels that have a single hole for each tube like the Gull Poly Pro or the Sunstar panels. At 4 gallons per minute per 10' collector at their recommended flow rates, the Fafco panel has 8 times higher pressure drop than the SunStar panel and 4 times more than the Gull Poly Pro. Remember, with single speed or variable speed pumps, the lower your filter pressure gauge is, the less electricity the pump is using. That's a fact! So during the swim season when your pump runs the longest, a system that has been designed to have a low pressure drop will be more energy efficient . This is Eco Solar's specialty. We have lowered the electrical use of a variable speed pump fed solar system by over 800 watts per hour when the solar is on compared to the system we replaced. That's $300 worth of electricity saved in 6 months running the solar just 6 hours per day. And we install Flow Vis flow meters to accurately adjust the proper flow for each pool or spa function including the solar flow.